"Our clients come to us because they need answers to difficult questions about how to persuade important decision makers who are sometimes the jury, sometimes the court, and sometimes the attorney's client. Our services are designed to apply sophisticated and state-of-the-art research methods to give attorneys a powerful edge over their opponents."
- Douglas Green

Focus Groups

Before the trial, find out what issues the jury will care about most; then uncover the best methods for presenting complex facts and ideas to this diverse group of people. Learn More »

Mock Trials

Develop a powerful understanding of the challenges and opportunities that will arise in your case, all in a controlled setting.
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Strategic Plans

Formulate an action plan based on your case strategy, adding in the elements of reliable research and DGA's own extensive case experience.

Voir Dire and Jury Selection

Learn who the ideal juror is for your case and discover the questions that will reveal potential jurors who are unfavorable; then have a consultant from DGA present at trial to assist in assuring that the best jurors for your case are seated.

Opening Statements and Closing Arguments

Employ the themes that were uncovered in the focus group and mock trial research to set the stage for the rest of the trial.

Witness Preparation

Prepare your witnesses to set out the facts of the case in a way that is understandable to the jury.

In-Trial Support

Receive feedback that helps you fine tune your case as the evidence is presented.

Trial Technology

Our sister company, Trial Access, Inc. provides a full range of trial technology support. To learn more, visit the web site: www.trialaccess.com

Post Verdict Interviews

Discover what worked and did not work after the case has been decided in order to prepare for your next battle in the courtroom.